A letter to Rebbecca

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Dear Rebbecca,

In another time I would place this note behind a rock in the vineyard wall or in the hollow of a tree.  However, times have changed and I shall place this under the vines in the ether in hopes you may find it there.  We are far apart in time and space from where we started.  Methods change and so must we.  Our chance meeting seems fortuitous though I wish I’d known when we met we are kin and gotten contact information.  Hopefully the spiders and dust bunnies will hear of my search for you and lead you through the cloud to this letter.

So my sister, we are far from Salem and from the times where we got our start.  Still, politics remains a thread that runs through our existence.   The politics at the time of our beginnings resulted in tragedy and so we shall hope things do not lead us there again.  Still, remembering the whispers and accusations of that time makes me listen all the more closely to the whispers and accusations of this time we now find ourselves.

And to the point of this letter, my dear Rebbecca, what, pray tell, do you make of the remarks the other day?  They say what they mean and mean what they say, but say what they do not mean and mean what they do not say?  Has the language of our mother changed so that the meaning is obscure to you as it is to me?

In hopes that you find this note, your loving sister,





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Film about undocumented workers on allvoices.co,

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I saw the most compelling documentary about undocumented workers in the U.S. about a month ago.  It is a short documentary all should see.  I was so impressed with the young men’s work that I set out to track them down.  I finally was able to meet Max and learn more about him and the film.  I wrote a story and posted the video at the following site:


Please feel free to comment on the allvoices.com site if you wish.  The film has now been seen by people in several countries.


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If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck….it’s a duck, GOP convention “small government” platform attacks women’s rights

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I posted this last night on allvoices.com.  I researched and wrote on this for a couple days.  I kept looking for a “gottcha” I knew was there.  I found it!   I’m pleased, the first comment I got was a quote from a source that I had referenced in my Sources and Resources section.  The man writing was accusing me (I think) of being inaccurate in my reporting.  I was not.  I was able to tell him to look at para 4 to see I had not done as he was apparently suggesting.  Yea!  I think I got it right!

This is stressful!


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