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I recently heard Representative Joe Barton (Texas) say, “God helps those who help themselves.”  This was in response to a news anchor’s question about Barton’s intent to vote for cuts to federal social services grant programs which fund Meals on Wheels and subsidize school lunch programs.   Representative Barton appeared surprised when the anchor wryly pointed out that this saying is not found in the Bible.  Barton responded by saying someone had taught him the saying when he was a child.  Someone taught him a saying and that saying is the rational for his vote?  Alrighty then, good enough reason for me!   Obviously, those kids and senior citizens are not helping themselves; they would not be in need of school lunches or Meals on Wheels if God saw that they were at least trying!  If those kids want to eat lunch they should get out and find a job!  Those senior citizens are lazy louts.  Why would a 93 year old woman rely on strangers for a meal when she could just get a job and buy a meal herself?

Thank heaven someone is finally speaking reason!  Thank goodness 2010 election brought in a lot of godly minded individuals who are fixing things. We have slew of new state bills out there to promote personal responsibility.    As you know, many people in the United States are not being responsible.  Those of us who are hard workers are footing the bill for a lot of mangy freeloaders and immorals.  Arizona, Alabama, Utah, Indiana, Georgia and South Carolina, bless them, have tackled the illegal immigrant problem with some nifty new laws designed to throw those freeloaders out.  Those people pay no taxes…. Well, yes, they do pay workers comp and sales tax and state income tax, federal income tax, social security… but they don’t pay taxes like the rest of us!  I did hear that there was a slight problem in Georgia when farmers could not find enough workers to harvest their crops. The state lost an estimated $360 million in revenues.  Well, it doesn’t matter.  It is the principle of the thing that counts!

Thank goodness the Dream Act has been axed!  That silly law would have allowed children brought into the United States, illegally mind you, and raised as U.S. citizens, to stay in the United States as long as they served this country in the military or went to college.  Bad idea!  They have no rights here, ship them out!  This may seem a bit harsh being as they know no one in their country of origin, often do not speak the language, think of themselves as Americans and have family and friend here.  Still, they are a drain on society and besides, they are illegals!

As I mentioned the Ryan budget is going to take care of those miserly seniors who are either to lazy to work or have all their cash hidden away and refuse to use it to buy food.  That bunch is accepting Meals On Wheels for heaven’s sake.  Well, that will be fixed, as will subsidized health care for women.  Did you know that Planned Parenthood has been getting money from the Federal Government to go towards cancer screening, mammograms, family planning and STD testing?  We are paying for this!  Why don’t those ladies just buy health insurance?

Another big load off my mind is the fact that collective bargaining has been dismantled in several states.  What a relief!  State governments were put under terrible strain by this cumbersome burden.  Workers have been allowed to negotiate pay; working conditions, benefits…..the list just goes on and on.  What on earth was wrong with the old way.  If a worker did not like the conditions he or she could just leave.  Empowerment!  These union types are not willing to accept personal responsibility!

The kid is reading over my shoulder.  She reminded me of another saying.  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  Now, where did that come from?









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Yes! Finally, someone is giving Republicans their due.  Republicans are extraordinarily pro-women.  I want to thank Mitt Romney for pointing this out a couple days ago when he said, “The effort to describe Republicans as being anything other than extraordinarily pro-woman, pro-opportunity for women of America, pro-moms, pro-working moms, pro-working women — look, that kind of effort is totally missing the mark, and people understand that.”  Mitt Romney. In fact, this deserves a letter!

Dear Mitt,

Thank you for your candid pronouncement lauding the pro-women position of the Republican Party.  It is about time someone recognizes the tremendous advances in opportunities and civil rights provided by Republican backed policies, especially in the last few years.  Republicans certainly are pro-women as evidenced by Republican support of women during the debate and passage of the Lilly Ledbetter Law.  This silly law insures that women receive equal pay for equal work.  Four Republican defected from Republican ranks to vote for that onerous law, but they were women so what can you expect?  The almost unanimous Republican vote against the bill shows the courage and solidarity of most in the Republican Party when it comes to supporting women.  Republicans understand that once you start paying women an equal amount for equal work they will become bitchy and pushy and aggressive…. Well, we have all seen it.  Better to help women out and not encourage those character flaws to develop.

Since the passage of Roe v. Wade, women have had to bear the heavy burden of self determination when it comes to their reproductive futures.  Some have made the difficult decision to abort a fetus because they and their husbands could not afford another child, because the fetus was not viable and would eventually die in utero, because they felt they would not be a good mother.  The reasons are as numerous as there are women.  The decision is never easy.  Republicans know it is much better to turn those decisions over to the State.  In the spirit of their pro-woman stance, Republicans have kindly introduced numerous bills to take this heavy responsibility from the women and humanely turn it over to the kindly government.

In several states Republican controlled legislatures have introduced bills which require women to have an ultra sound, to receive counseling and /or to view a sonogram before having an abortion.  Another act of kindness on the part of Republicans!  Everyone knows that women are quite ignorant when it comes to knowledge of their reproductive parts and need further education before making the choice to have an abortion.  Some unkind and unthinking individuals have postulated that requiring a woman to view a sonogram of her fetus before an abortion is paramount to torture.  They miss the point.  This may seem like torture, but really, it is character building!  A little torture builds character and heaven knows women can only benefit from some kindly state controlled character enhancement.

Then there is the Violence Against Women Act.  In another act of benevolent kindness, the Republicans oppose this law which protects women and whoops…… LGBT people as well.  Therein lies the rub.  Everyone knows LGBT deserve to be violently disciplined, just as a kindhearted Republican clergyman suggested that parents beat children who exhibit gay tendencies.  Obviously God would wish us to beat those homosexuals and LGBT types.  Besides, lumping them in with women as if they are of the same species!  Insane!  Well, back to the women.  If you enact a law which gives them special treatment under the law you are coddling them and will make them soft.  No, The Violence Against Women Act is definitely the wrong direction to take in supporting women.

Republicans are withdrawing funding from Planned Parenthood across the nation.  The darlings!  They fully understand that by offering low income women the opportunity to have subsidized mammograms, STD testing, cancer screening and family planning counseling government is encouraging them to stay poor.  This subsidized health care is stifling women’s natural ability to become rich.  The same is true for welfare, food stamps, Meals on Wheels (which serves mostly elderly women), and social grant programs.  Take food stamps, for instance.  There are many single mothers out there who rely on food stamps to provide minimum nutrition for their children.  The Republicans recognize this policy is holding those women down.  By offering government assistance the government is depriving women a chance of advancement.  If the kids are starving and there is no other option, Republicans know, the mother will get a job and become a productive member of society instead of being a dependant of the state and using other people’s money.  It is just common sense, after all!

Taking away women’s ability to obtain affordable contraception is another Republican pro-women stance.  Just ask Rush Limbaugh.  Many women are having so much sex that they are having to take a huge number of birth control pills because everyone knows the more sex you have the more pills you must take(the pills are probably addictive resulting in more immoral sex) .  Republicans have rightly figured out that by withholding access to birth control you encourage better behavior and morals.  In just a few years of birth control, control, we will have a more godly population of women who will then be allowed into heaven.  How much more pro-women can you get?

Thank you Republicans for being pro-women!  You are enhancing the lives of each and every women and girl with your thoughtful policy decisions.  And, thank you, Mister Romney for pointing out this pro-women position.  I think some people, probably women, missed it.


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Women’s Women’s health care rights under siege; attempts to silence the rights and needs of women

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Women’s health care rights under siege; attempts to silence the rights and needs of women



In the past two years, state and federal legislators have introduced many bills intended to limit women’s reproductive rights and health care choices.  Republican Clay Scofield, Alabama State Senator, recently introduced Senate Bill 12, which would require a woman to have an ultra sound (the first draft stating that this would be a vaginal ultrasound), and to hear a verbal explanation of what the ultrasound showed, before being allowed to have a legal abortion.  The Republican controlled state legislature in Virginia recently tabled similar legislation in response to citizen outrage.  The Virginia Bill would have required women seeking an abortion, to undergo a medically unnecessary vaginal probe (without her consent, mind you).  In seven states, laws to this effect have already been passed.  The “Personhood Law” (a law which would effectively outlaw most forms of contraception) was just passed in Oklahoma’s Senate and is being brought before many other Republican controlled state legislatures

Federal GOP Legislators are up in arms over a provision in the Affordable Health Care Act specifying that insurance companies must cover contraceptive health care for woman.  In response, Republican Representative Blunt introduced legislation in the form of an Amendment to the Transportation Bill.  The “Blunt Amendment” would allow employers, to deny any health care coverage which the employer finds objectionable on religious or moral grounds.  The “Blunt Amendment” passed in the house and was narrowly defeated in the Senate.  Health care insurance coverage, as we know it, is under siege.   In fact, reproductive rights of U.S. women are endangered.

Apparently, in the opinion of many of our legislators, women do not have the mental or moral capacity to make decisions determining their own reproductive futures.  These legislators wish to overturn Roe vs. Wade, to make affordable contraception unavailable and to outlaw most forms of birth control.  While condemning “Big Government,” many GOP legislators plan to pass laws limiting reproductive medical decisions of each and every U.S. female and to hand much of this power over to the state.  Well, there is small government for you.

Last year, the FBI recognized that vaginal penetration without the woman’s consent is rape.  This is important in light of the fact that Virginia’s law demands a vaginal ultrasound with or without the consent of the woman.  Virginia’s proposed law can only be viewed as punitive.  This procedure is costly, time consuming and invasive.  According to FBI definition, it is state sanctioned rape.  This law is designed to humiliate and shame.  Women seeking abortions, for whatever reason, are already facing their own moral and physical challenges and should not be subjected to governmental punishment. To add to this absurdity, last week Representative Darrell Issa convened a five man panel on women’s health issues including birth control.  A five MAN panel, not a woman to be seen.

Efforts to outlaw abortion have not yet been successful, though continuous efforts have been underway for years.  In their religious zeal to punish woman who choose to be sexually active (confusingly, either within or outside marriage), state and federal legislators are introducing bills making it increasingly difficult for women to obtain this legal procedure.

Representative Blunt’s amendment, allowing insurance companies and employers to deny insurance coverage based on religious or moral conviction, is an extremely dangerous piece of legislative trash.  HIV?  Deny coverage!  Only those who engage in immoral acts and illegal intravenous drug users get infected with HIV.  Well, there has been the odd blood transfusion infection but, obviously, if God allowed that to happen he must have reason.  How about the infected woman of a straying husband or intravenous drug user?  Bad choice, lady.  If you are going to be so immoral as to choose poorly, you should accept the consequences.  The child of an infected mother?  Well, there again, God did allow this to happen for a reason.  Even vaccinations to protect children from deadly disease could be denied from employee insurance policy on moral grounds.

Obesity is a health problem in this country.  Many very large and prosperous companies are making huge profits selling soft drinks and sugary cereals.  But, say a companies’ CEO has a moral problem with obesity related illness.  Heart attack?  Well, you are pretty fat.  Don’t exercise, do you?  Gluttony is a sin.  No coverage.   Mmmmmm…..seems moral objection could be economically expedient.

To muddy the argument, conservative legislators have characterized their objection to contraceptive coverage as a religious rights issue.  Baloney!   This is tyranny by the few over the many.  Those with religious grounds for not using birth control need not.  Those who want to use birth control will have affordable coverage.  The objective of those seeking to impose these stifling new laws is to outlaw, or at least make very difficult, birth control and abortion.  Oh, and maybe save a buck or two for large employers.

Every woman has the right, and the responsibility, to make her own reproductive decisions and to seek the best preventative health care available to her.   Women die each year from complications due to unwanted pregnancies.  Some families cannot afford another pregnancy or another child.  These families and individuals deserve the right to make the best choices for their health and for their families.  A society which denies those rights is irresponsible and immoral.

While there is declining legislative support for contraceptive availability and increasingly onerous laws restricting accessibility to abortion, insurance plans do cover drugs to combat erectile dysfunction.  Men are apparently capable of making this decision without government intervention.  And, there seems to be no moral or religious objections.  I am sure the use of these drugs is solely to facilitate pregnancy and propagation of the species.  Certainly no man would take this drug for pleasure!  Thank God, there is no opposition to insurance coverage for men with erectile dysfunction!   Now, there would be a real health care crisis.

Laws which subject women to a vaginal probe before allowing legal abortion, or allow employers to deny affordable health care coverage based upon individual religious or moral convictions may well be challenged before the Supreme Court.  This body will have the last word on the legality of such laws.  Given the increasingly conservative make up of the Supreme Court, one might fear the court will interpret United States law to favor government takeover of individual rights.  There is also the chance the Court would decide that under the guise of religious freedom, an employer could deny health care coverage.  Maybe, the importance of the 2012 Presidential election lies primarily in the fact that the person elected in 2012, will likely be appointing one or two Supreme Court Judges.

Wait a minute!!!  If legislators wish to end abortion and use of contraceptives why not provide coverage for drugs that cause erectile dysfunction?  This solves the whole problem.  No erections, no need for that immoral birth control!  No erections, no abortions.  Each and every legislator, every insurer with religious or moral objection to birth control and abortion,  should, nay must, support medical insurance coverage for drugs which cause erectile dysfunction.  Let’s make those drugs readily and economically available.  How much easier this will be than trying to control the actions of a bunch of immoral, mentally deficient women.  Many male legeslators agree there is a problem.  Here is how they can fix it.  What is Darrell Issa’s phone number?  How about Representative Blunt’s email?  They will be delighted!!!

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