To all my friends who…

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To all my friends and acquaintances, and people in line at the bank and everyone else who has put up with my questions for the last 6 months, thank you.  The fabulous puzzle of politics continues.  I wish I could promise to let up now that the election is over.  I’ll give it a shot, but chances are I’ll fail.  That would call for discipline, it probably will not happen.

So, what tact do you think Mitch McConnell will be taking next week?  I wonder how Boehner will handle Congress?  Do you think they will compromise a bit more with the Dems.  Will the first action of Congress, when they return from break, be to vote to repeal Obamacare?  Ooooooo, this will be so much fun!























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Two new articles published in

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This has been a long campaign season.  Maybe I’ll not feel so driven to write opinion articles after, but for now:


Illogical morality, exception for rape or incest raises questions:

Hurricane Sandy draws a line in the sand, future of disaster relief policy hinges on election.






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David (Secor) and Goliath (Hunter)….

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New article (well, kinda, it was published this week…. I’m a bit slow..) re: the congressional race in the district we live in.  The article was picked up by a local online magazine and with the permission of, republished. YEA!

The candidates could not be more different in their political views and agenda.  I used to know Duncan’s Dad who was a congressman before him.  I do not remember Duncan Sr. being as radical in his convictions nor as conservative.  Well, that  whole Republican party has taken a nose dive to the right.

David is a nice guy who is running because he feels compelled because Duncan is so radical.  Duncan’s views on women’s rights are about as far to the right….or back into the past… as possible.

It has been hard to find time to do anything but paint!  I’m obsessed.  It is more fun!  I’m learning!!!!




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