I recently heard Representative Joe Barton (Texas) say, “God helps those who help themselves.”  This was in response to a news anchor’s question about Barton’s intent to vote for cuts to federal social services grant programs which fund Meals on Wheels and subsidize school lunch programs.   Representative Barton appeared surprised when the anchor wryly pointed out that this saying is not found in the Bible.  Barton responded by saying someone had taught him the saying when he was a child.  Someone taught him a saying and that saying is the rational for his vote?  Alrighty then, good enough reason for me!   Obviously, those kids and senior citizens are not helping themselves; they would not be in need of school lunches or Meals on Wheels if God saw that they were at least trying!  If those kids want to eat lunch they should get out and find a job!  Those senior citizens are lazy louts.  Why would a 93 year old woman rely on strangers for a meal when she could just get a job and buy a meal herself?

Thank heaven someone is finally speaking reason!  Thank goodness 2010 election brought in a lot of godly minded individuals who are fixing things. We have slew of new state bills out there to promote personal responsibility.    As you know, many people in the United States are not being responsible.  Those of us who are hard workers are footing the bill for a lot of mangy freeloaders and immorals.  Arizona, Alabama, Utah, Indiana, Georgia and South Carolina, bless them, have tackled the illegal immigrant problem with some nifty new laws designed to throw those freeloaders out.  Those people pay no taxes…. Well, yes, they do pay workers comp and sales tax and state income tax, federal income tax, social security… but they don’t pay taxes like the rest of us!  I did hear that there was a slight problem in Georgia when farmers could not find enough workers to harvest their crops. The state lost an estimated $360 million in revenues.  Well, it doesn’t matter.  It is the principle of the thing that counts!

Thank goodness the Dream Act has been axed!  That silly law would have allowed children brought into the United States, illegally mind you, and raised as U.S. citizens, to stay in the United States as long as they served this country in the military or went to college.  Bad idea!  They have no rights here, ship them out!  This may seem a bit harsh being as they know no one in their country of origin, often do not speak the language, think of themselves as Americans and have family and friend here.  Still, they are a drain on society and besides, they are illegals!

As I mentioned the Ryan budget is going to take care of those miserly seniors who are either to lazy to work or have all their cash hidden away and refuse to use it to buy food.  That bunch is accepting Meals On Wheels for heaven’s sake.  Well, that will be fixed, as will subsidized health care for women.  Did you know that Planned Parenthood has been getting money from the Federal Government to go towards cancer screening, mammograms, family planning and STD testing?  We are paying for this!  Why don’t those ladies just buy health insurance?

Another big load off my mind is the fact that collective bargaining has been dismantled in several states.  What a relief!  State governments were put under terrible strain by this cumbersome burden.  Workers have been allowed to negotiate pay; working conditions, benefits…..the list just goes on and on.  What on earth was wrong with the old way.  If a worker did not like the conditions he or she could just leave.  Empowerment!  These union types are not willing to accept personal responsibility!

The kid is reading over my shoulder.  She reminded me of another saying.  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  Now, where did that come from?