Writing is legal and it does release stress…. momentarily at least.  My family has encouraged this writing activity because it averts my attention from throwing dishes.  Life is stressful, confusing technology, more confusing husband, kids, parents, the news!  Exercise is a wonderful stress reliever, however, there is only so much walking, biking and hiking one can do in a day. I’ve considered therapy but it is quite expensive and I’m pretty sure I’d be kicked out anyway.  That would only increase the stress.

Daughter #1 helped me set up this blog site, well actually, she set it up because she thought it would be too difficult for me to do.  This was done only after I wrote about her.  Maybe  she thinks this act of kindness on her part will keep her out of print.  Maybe…… but she is such GOOD material!  And, she did add that little crack at the top of my page, “Therapy is great, but wine is cheaper.”  True, but really!  What kind of first impression does THAT make?

Our lives make us who we are.  I’ve been  wife, friend, mom, daughter, political consultant for a university, college instructor, commercial actress and model.  I’ve helped build two sailboats, lived on a sailboat, remodeled a house which was featured in Better Homes and Gardens, built a house (our marriage survived all of these events), lived in cities and in the mountains of Wyoming and traveled as much as possible.  Along the way I’ve done some crazy, zany things, but this is who I am.  Along the way I’ve put some of the craziness onto paper.  I’ll pull those out once in awhile, because our past is our present.

I thought about having two separate blogs one dealing with my personal, everyday thoughts and exasperations and one to do with political until I realized, there is no separation!  This is who I am.  So, you can find me at my computer under the grape vines, extension cord stretched up to the house (the family is encouraging alone time) or here, in the blogesphere.   Please, let me know I am not alone.  cg